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November 24th, 2011 | EarthBound, Images

Pippo sent this in:

Ness sighting on a BBC TV show! In the second episode of Ricky Gervais’s new show “Life’s Too Short”, there’s a scene outside the London Comic Con. Warwick Davis rides a Segway past a long-trousered Ness sporting a baseball bat 🙂

And here’s a screenshot for reference:

I feel like Ness is walking into the crowd to start kicking some ass 😛


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14 Comments to Ness Cosplay in Ricky Gervais Show

man said on Nov. 24, 2011

No way :O and I literally just watched this episode…

Nathalie said on Nov. 24, 2011

Fangamer’s Awesomeness combo pack? 😉

Dosei-san said on Nov. 24, 2011

:O I was ness at my local anime convention this year

TomServo said on Nov. 24, 2011

@man Same here

Onett Resident said on Nov. 24, 2011

That’s so cool! I also have been cosplaying Ness every chance I get!

RandomGuardian said on Nov. 24, 2011

And Europe never got Earthbound either! What are the chances.

ness-kun said on Nov. 24, 2011

I cosplayed as Ness for this year’s iberanime oporto as well

KingDarian said on Nov. 24, 2011

Is that a man dressed as Chi?

chavacero said on Nov. 25, 2011

NO WAY, A man? O . O
Oh my pork, and i will be as Porky in December, ill be looking for you, Ness-chan hee hee hee

Angi said on Nov. 25, 2011

Lol. I was Ness at FanExpo in Toronto this summer. It’s was a fun experience – and I saw 2 other Ness cosplayers as well.

I had worn a hat, jeans, and tee-shirt. 😀 I liked it, but I had my breasts bound in a sports bra. 🙂

angryreimu said on Nov. 26, 2011

crossplaying chi?

The Earthbounder said on Dec. 7, 2011

First a Mr. Saturn sighting on BBC Four, Now a Ness sighting on BBC One.


Why so many Earthbound character sightings on british telly?

Mabye the guys at the BBC are EB fans! 🙂

The Earthbounder said on Dec. 7, 2011

Oh if you don’t know about that Mr. Saturn On BBC Four. Here is the link.

AshBound said on Jun. 17, 2012

I cosplayed as ninten for this years’ london comicon. and…No one recognised me…sigh. there was a female ness there though, but she had no props!


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