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September 20th, 2009 | Weekly Round-Up

Very busy this Sunday afternoon, so I’m gonna make this a quicker roundup than usual.

Some cool and interesting stuff happened this week, so let’s take a look at it:

EarthBound News

Cool Auctions & Merchandise

Here are a couple things that showed up on eBay this week that are worth checking out. You can also see all the EarthBound and MOTHER stuff currently on eBay here. And if you’re into RSS feeds, check out this one, it will keep you somewhat up-to-date with EarthBound merch as it shows up on eBay.

Official MOTHER 1+2 keychains

And here’s some cool stuff on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:

And stuff on Amazon:

  • This week EarthBound is $80 on Amazon. It’s kind of neat to see the lowest price fluctuate, it’s almost like a mini stock market. Alas, there are no strategy guides for sale this week 🙁

Community News

I’m a potato so I can’t possibly keep up with every single thing that happens in the EarthBound community, so if you’ve done something cool or if you know of something cool that belongs here, let me know!

What’s Up With Itoi

  • This week Itoi talked more about Beatles stuff and said that he might want to do some Beatles-related content on his site at some point. He even asked for suggestions from his readers.
  • He also talked about how he’s witnessed electronics and appliances evolve, but there’s one thing he’s been looking forward to: the day that home appliances won’t need power cords anymore.


Well, that’s all for this week. What next week hold is anyone’s guess. Now I must return to my home planet.


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12 Comments to Weekly Round-Up #36

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Sep. 20, 2009

I’m with Itoi on the plug thing. My video game setup is probably a fire code violation at this point.

randomguy said on Sep. 20, 2009

odd, with a name like tomato, you wouldn’t expect him to be an alien potato. whoa. that rhymes.

Moonside said on Sep. 20, 2009

“…but there’s one thing he’s been looking forward to: the day that home appliances won’t need power cords anymore.”

I’m looking forward to this day as well.

Oh, and no batteries, please.

Chico Suave said on Sep. 20, 2009

Wireless electricity is coming, and sooner than you might think. Click my name for the story about it on

santiagoff said on Sep. 20, 2009

Weren’t you a tomato?

guy said on Sep. 20, 2009

he’s usually a tomato but he has been a potato recently

EmeraldWind said on Sep. 20, 2009

Tomato is a potato. NOOOOO! I have been betrayed!

sg_06 said on Sep. 21, 2009

you say potato, I say tomato…

Komaru said on Sep. 21, 2009

At Moonside:
Can’t agree any more.
I have a Sega Game Gear, that thing needs 6 batteries to work and tears through all of them in less than an hour.

Halfsan said on Sep. 21, 2009

Tomato + Potato = Pomato.

Also, I see you used my SSBB snapshot at the beginnning. 😮 *feels special*

Mr. Nosy said on Sep. 23, 2009

If only wireless energy actually exists…

MOTHERMoondance-- said on Jan. 29, 2010

You say potater, I zader taterports.


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