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February 13th, 2009 | My Crazy EarthBound Cart

(If you’re not sure what this is, see here)

I played my glitched EarthBound save some more. When we last left off, I had just gotten Paula to join, and her stats were crazy and she gained thousands of HP and PP in her first level-up. She’s mega buff Paula.

This time, I fight Mondo Mole, go to Threed, get Jeff, and then fly back to Threed.

As expected, the main highlight is Jeff’s stats. It’s about what you’d expect. I’m guessing only the characters’ stats got messed up in the game, but I’ll finish the playthrough anyway.

But another thing I never realized was that you can’t leave the Snow Wood school without the Pop Gun in your inventory. And if you throw it away, the locker will magically refill itself with another Pop Gun. How convenient 😛 I never knew this, so I was confused for a bit, wondering why Tony wouldn’t let me leave.


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9 Comments to My Crazy EarthBound Cart, Part 3!

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Feb. 13, 2009

Oh, Tomato. You and your wacky Earthbound-themed wackiness.

CruxianAzelf said on Feb. 13, 2009

What I’m wondering is.. if they have such monsterous stats, how’d the monsters take them out with such ease, hmm? P:

But regardless.
This is absolutely insane, I want stats like that on my characters. xD

XX Stone said on Feb. 13, 2009

Ha… You could take on Giygas right there, right now. 😉

garooob said on Feb. 13, 2009

That looks like what happens to your stats when you use certain Game Genie codes. Then you can’t save in Magicant.

Aurilliux said on Feb. 14, 2009

Too bad what happens with Jeff’s Pop Gun can’t happen with, say, the keys to my car, or the money in my wallet.

Flash said on Feb. 16, 2009

There is a Game Genie code (on the SNES) that does this trick, if I’m not mistaken. I made it through to Magicant, but for some reason I couldn’t escape. It was glitchy enough to prevent me from going on.

Ness said on Mar. 7, 2010

How come it was tooken down for terms of violation??
Its a Earthbound Playthrough for gods sake.

Staarf said on Mar. 9, 2010

All of Mato’s videos seem to be down. Are they hosted anywhere else, or is everyone out of luck?

Nyx Sparkle said on Jan. 8, 2012

Because Tony is Tony.


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